Corporate conservation has been in need of a serious shakeup.

In late January 2020, KUIU along with sixteen generous customers and thirty four volunteers executed the first ever entirely company and customer funded bighorn sheep transplants in history.

This project, more than two years in planning, culminated with the simultaneous reintroduction of THREE new Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep herds in the west.

The first saw two groups of bighorns released in the North Dakota badlands that has been missing wild sheep for more than one hundred and fifty years. The second was a translocation of a disease free herd to Utah as a kick start to the new Rocky Mountain Bighorn nursery program on Antelope Island.

All entirely paid for by KUIU and KUIU Customers as a gift to the hunters of North America.

Although rare today, bighorn sheep transplants are not a new concept. What is new is how this one was done: Biologically sound and financially transparent from concept to execution driven by KUIU.

This incredible project is not only the first of its kind, it is also what we hope will be a paradigm shift in how conservation is done at the company level.

Lately, corporate conservation has been far too heavy on branding and far to light on action and results. Projects impacting sportsman’s future hunting opportunities don’t seem as important as presentation and credit. Films about conservation outnumber conservation projects.

“Awareness” has overtaken action.

It should not be a surprise we have decided to take a different and direct path with our conservation goals as a company. Ten years ago Jason Hairston founded KUIU as an industry disruptor: A defiant troublemaker and the original consumer direct hunting brand.

KUIU proved there is a better way of doing business; direct, with total transparency and a closer connection to our customer. Those principles ring true today in conservation. This project proves it. It is a call to action as a company and a challenge to both the industry and the conservation model to do more: more hands on, more direct impact, and get more results.

With the help of the greatest customers on the planet and a fresh take on an age old concept, direct is still the best way.

This is Conservation Direct from KUIU.

Brendan Burns
Director of Conservation